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With millions of hotels, villas, all inclusives and cruise ships, big and small, new and old all around the world, I help busy professionals choose, plan and book the luxury vacation to best suit their own personal travel style.



Image by Bob Bradley

Caribbean & Mexico

Image by Alonso Reyes


Planning Travels

Italy is a great example of how we can customize a vacation to your tastes.  You can tour ancient sites and museums or do wineries and learn how to cook Italian food.

The Caribbean & Mexico are perfect places to experience all 5 senses. The taste of the food, sound of the music, beautiful beaches and sunsets, smell of coconut oil and feel of the warm sun.

Each cruise line and ship has a distinctive feel and vibe.  My job is to match you with the perfect cruise for you and your guest.

Take this quiz to find out where you should go on your next vacation.

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