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About Us

Jetset Destinations was founded in 2015 born from a love for travel and serving others. Especially after the wake of the pandemic, we understand that how you spend your time and resources matter. We want to help you create memories of a lifetime that bring true fulfilment through unforgettable experiences. We know travel planning can be overwhelming and complex, so we offer white glove service to take care of every detail of your dream vacation.

Our goal is to take the stress out of planning and allow you to focus on the adventure and joy of exploring the world. We desire to elevate your travel experience by understanding your personal needs and escorting you along each step of your journey.

We serve solo travelers, families, couples and small groups located anywhere in the world. We plan the perfect travel experience for business or pleasure, by plane, ship, or car, to all the bucket list destinations across the globe.


Our Story

I started Jetset Destinations because I love everything about traveling. I remember all the places I've been and dream about all the places I still need visit.

From an early age my parents took us on vacations.  We couldn't afford a lot but every year we visited somewhere new.  I love that we continued with our kids. We have done all the Disney parks, Universal and Legoland but we've also visited the National Parks, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia. Italy was one of our favorite vacations. Not only did we get to see many historic sites but we got to eat a lot of fabulous foods.  We appreciated the history and culture of each country.  We've taken them on cruises and all-inclusive resorts all over the Caribbean. Costa Rica was another family favorite because of zip lining, horseback riding and sloths and monkeys.

What can I do for you?  I can help sift through all the options and plan the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones.  I help you with the planning and booking your meaningful vacations.

I'm more than a travel agent, I'm a Dream Maker!

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