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Savannah Georgia Getaway

The “Hostess City of the South” offers nothing less than the perfect historic, scenic, and delicious southern vacation destination. Savannah has a rich history dating back to its founding as the 13th of the original American colonies. Founded as a free colony, a booming cotton industry pushed the legalization of slavery which hen brought African Americans to the state as slave labor. Those who stayed in the area formed a vibrant and unique Gullah culture in the coastal communities of Georgia and South Carolina. The cotton industry also brought great wealth to the area, inspiring residents to build gorgeous homes that remain architectural attractions today. The city has had its share of hardships from fires, famines, yellow fever outbreaks, and the destruction of the civil war, but it’s always bounced back. They hold great pride in protecting their historic sites and its Georgia Historical Society can claim the oldest continually operating historical society in the South. This has left the city an easy-to-navigate and jaw-droppingly gorgeous testament to history and the architecture, food, and culture of its residents.

You won’t need your car to explore the city’s finest attractions, Savannah’s grid plan leaves it easy to navigate on foot as you sample the scenic parks and historic buildings along the cobblestone streets. The architecture walking tour is a must for first-time travelers, and a trip to Savannah wouldn’t be complete without eating authentic fried chicken, perhaps at the Olde Pink House - Georgia’s first bank! The Olde Pink House isn’t the only historic building turned eatery, The Grey is a high-end restaurant located in an old greyhound bus terminal. Savannah also features may gorgeous places of worship, the First African Baptist Church, Cathedral of St.John the Baptist, and Congregation Micke Israel are all worthwhile places to visit and photograph. The art scene of Savannah is dynamic and growing, the SCAD Museum of Art and the Tiffani Taylor Gallery give visitors an opportunity to see historic art and the contemporary scene.

For those looking for dazzling nightlife and exceptional beaches, Savannah doesn’t disappoint. The coastal islands and riverfront of the city provide a laid-back beach atmosphere that provides stunning views. Savannah’s also the host of the world-renowned Savannah Music Festival which draws visitors from all over. A trip to this destination would not be complete without a walk through Forsyth Park. Larissa Allen writes, “Because of the fountain’s beauty and romantic aura, it is often the sit of proposals, engagement photoshoots, and weddings,” but it’s also a well-wethered gathering spot for locals and visitors to play sports, visit the amphitheater, explore the fragrant garden for the blind, and frequent its quaint cafe.

Take a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and let the hostess city of the south treat you to its colorful architecture, scenic nature views, and delectable cuisine in a city as rich in history as it is enchanting.

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